Jan Weil

Engineer, Developer, Musician

I am one of the co-founders of decarbon1ze. Previously, I was the CTO at urban energy, led the development of the SmartCable at ubitricity and co-initiated Clair Berlin together with Uli Schuster.

Random Projects


headless2static is the missing link between headless content management systems and static site generators. It renders static files from REST collection items using a Liquid template.

Piper Audio Streaming Web Worker Example

audio analysis using a VAMP plugin in a WebAssembly module (piper-js)

libmbb- Embedded Building Bricks

libmbb is a MIT-licensed C library targeted at embedded systems featuring hierarchical state machines, timers, fixed-cacpacity queues, debugging macros, and unit tests.

Boots Off

Boots Off - Finest Jazzfunk from Berlin. My Band. I play Bass.


Recolino is a real-time command line annotator.